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Saturday, November 7, 2009

[VID] 2PM Teaser Video (Listen To Your Heart Beat)


They back with their Nu Video Teaser!! See it closely..

Chansung Ver~

"The trust makes my heart beat. Even at the moment when my heart is about to stop from the pain, the trust between us put me back on my feet. Now when we are together, I can go through anything. And my heart beats with self-confidence."

Taecyeon Ver~

"The ones I love make my heart beat. The ones I give my love to, the ones I get their loves from, my families, my friends, and us seven members. Just thinking about it gives me the warmth. I want to stay with you guys forever."

Nichkhun Ver~

"Struggles make my heart beat, coz i know they make me stronger.
That's why i never give up. That's why i'm not afraid to fail.
Today, i face another obstacle. And so my heart starts to beating.. Again.."

WooYoung Ver~

"The fear makes my heart beat. Every morning, I ask myself a question. Can I really do this well today? Do I have what it takes? Then I say to myself. I can do this, I can. Then I feel my heartbeat. This is the start."

Junho Ver~

"The fans make my heart beat. The fans who love me unconditionally. It's like a dream to make others happy. Until the very last fan remains, I want to sing for them. Now it's time to get back on stage. My heart feels like it's going to explode."

Junsu Ver~

"The music makes my heart beat. The more i listen, sing, dance, and perform my music, my heart beats stronger. As long as I live, I would like to live this way."

Note: reupload the video to my own YT acc... T^T

Tired with this all boycotting thing...

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