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Sunday, November 8, 2009

2PM’s real heartbeats for the teasers

Teaser after teaser for 2PM's comeback have been released making fans anxious for their return..

JYP Entertainment said:
"The individual teasers have been released to get fans excited for the album release. On the 10th, fans will hear 2PM's title track. It doesn't really have a genre but it's new and refreshing."

The members' teasers were released in pairs, Junsu-Junho, Chansung-Wooyoung, and Nichkhun-Taecyeon. And all teasers featured each and everyone of the members' heartbeats and personal messages. Yes, the heartbeat sound effect on their individual teasers are their actual heartbeats!

Taecyeon's message seemed to touch fans' hearts the most when he talked about how his heart beats for the 7 members of 2PM.

The album will be released on the 10th and it seems everyone's hearts are beating for that.

creditz : allkpop.com

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