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Saturday, October 8, 2016

K. Will - 내가 너를 잊는다 (I Will Forget You)

Recently i fall in love with this song..
originally sang by Wheesung, and K. Will sang his version of this song on their Bromance concert.

Today, i would like to share this song with you all... ^^,

You can find the lyrics here

Video :

The song start at 1:45
credit to : 뽀글휘 @youtube
you can visit her channel, so many K. Will concert video there..

audio download : here
ripped by : bemyrain@blogspot

Please kindly credit if taken plz

Monday, March 4, 2013

[TRAVEL-ing] S.Korea Part 2 : Global Itinerary and Booking Planes

So, after i have the map, i start to make a list to where i want to go. I dont care about where n can i go or cant i, just list it as many as i can.
If you dont know where to seek for the reference, you could look at http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/
They even give a suggested itinerary, but i dont think it too helpfull. They make it too packed, plus in some place (like jeju n gyeongju) doesnt have subway, just busses, n it took time to go from 1place to another. But they give every attraction a direction how to get there. Its usefull.
Here is my list (i eliminated a lot of them since i dont have enough time) :

And also, i booked flights for my trip inside korea. Eastarjet offers you a great deal, but they only have gimpo-jeju roundways, and some unknown places for me. Other than that, korea got jejuair and airbusan as their budget airlines. I didnt use jeju air though, coz i travel on peak season n i think they dont offer you an earlybird fare. Instead, i use airbusan for my gimpo-busan n busan-jeju flights, and eastarjet for my jeju-gimpo flights. Beware if you travel on their peak season (july-august) coz i almost didnt get a seat eventhough i booked it on february and i travel @ august, n i got a seat in pretty not good time. Evening.. waste of time. For eastar jet, it cost me around 46000won. For busan-jeju flights it cost me 40600won, and 92200 for gimpo-busan (i think they didnt have the early bird fare coz busan might've been their main travel to go thing on summer).

[TRAVEL-ing] S.Korea Part 1: Collecting information (MAP)

Yes! At least! Im going to S.Korea this August.
Right now what im worried about is my itenerary (doing budget trip with a friend of mine)
The map... Ok, i've got it all... but, its hard to plan where you want to visit. You got to choose.
eventhough i travel long enough (1-13august2013), it seems the time isnt enough.
I planned to go to Busan, Gyeongju, Jeju, besides Seoul for sure.
I dont know why 2weeks seems doesnt enough. Maybe i should go back some day... long after this trip.
So, i'll share some of the map i found...
maybe this is usefull for those who planning a trip to Korea too...
Cr to: lookatkorea.com : (click the picture to get it full size)
Seoul Map

Jeju Map

Gangnam Map

Busan Map

Gyeongju Map

More detailed Jeju Tour Map cr to http://english.jeju.go.kr :

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

[PATTERN] Amigurumi - Cute Little Bear

Well, been amigurumi-ing quite a long time ago, but i'm always following other's pattern
But this time i made it by myself...
it's cute, isn't it??
i'll share the pattern here..
But please, don't spread the pattern without crediting me... ^^
Made it, then share it with me... ^o^


Head n Body
R1 : 2ch, 6sc in first chain
R2 : 2sc at each chain - 12sc
R3 : (2sc at first ch, sc) repeat 6x - 18sc
R4 : (2sc at first ch, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 24sc
R5 : (2sc at first ch, sc, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 30sc
R6-8 : sc in each chain - 30sc
R9 : (sc2tog, sc, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 24sc
R10 : (sc2tog, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 18sc
R11 : (sc2tog, sc) repeat 6x - 12sc
Fill with fiberfill
R12 : sc2tog in each chain - 6sc
R13 : 2sc in each chain - 12sc
R14 : (2sc at first ch, sc) repeat 6x - 18sc
R15 : (2sc at first ch, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 24sc
R16 : sc in each chain - 24sc
R17 : (sc2tog, sc, sc) repeat 6x - 18sc
R18 : (sc2tog, sc) repeat 6x - 12sc
Fill with fiberfill
R19 : sc2tog in each chain - 6sc
Slst as much as you need it to fill the gap

Hand (make 2)
R1 : 2ch, 6sc in first chain
R2-4 : sc in each chain, leave long tail

Feet (make 2)
R1 : 2ch, 6sc in first chain
R2 : 2sc in each chain - 12sc
R3 : sc,sc,sc,sc,sc2tog,sc2tog,sc,sc,sc,sc - 10sc
R4 : sc,sc,sc,sc2tog,sc2tog,sc,sc,sc - 8sc
Fill the fiberfill, i only fill it in the bottom

R5-6 : sc in each chain, leave long tail

Ear (make 2)
2ch, make 4dc in first chain.
Note : just sew the hand, feet, and ears into whatever position you found it cute...
i attach them a bit in the back, to make it more chubby... ^o^
and i attach the eyes and nose a bit downward, and close to each other, cos i found it cuuuttteee....



Thursday, February 10, 2011



-soon- >.<


nan neoui pierrot jeongmallo utgyeo
neoege da baychyeo jjideureo my mind
naen apen our bro donapen mweotdo eobneun
wanjeonhan neon pro jedaero p.s.m.

ajik eorin naekke ddo
museun jiseul hage ddo
i deoreoun son chiweo
sondaedo hajima

no just do not touch me
i'm not a pierrot
deo neobeun haneureul deungjigo salgo shipeo
jaryureyl algo shipeo
deo nopi fly fly

namanui saegagi isseo
namanui insaengi isseo
gamok gateun geu ddae chueokhagi shireo
yeongweonhi bye bye bye

neoui geu saenggak jibeochyeo
neoui geu pinggyeo jibeochyeo
jukdorok deo gotongseureoun naldeullo
gadeukhal tenikka

nun gamado boyeo nan ije master
kkeuteobshi pago deureooneun geon no no
geu jeongdo hwabo ddawie gaduryeohajima
sangeul jal bwa neomuna meotjyeo

no just do not touch me
i'm not a pierrot
deo neobeun haneureul deungjigo salgo shipeo
jaryureyl algo shipeo
deo nopi fly fly

no future no freedom
just like a chase for us
but it don't matter now
we're just gonna walk our way
for the rest of my life