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Friday, February 26, 2010

Dunno Wat 2 Say.. Jay.. TnT

I dunno wat to say, dunno wat to think...
Suddenly JYP giving announcement about stopping the contract with Jay...
Saying that Jay making big mistake, bigger than his myspace mistake.
N involving the rest of the boys too. Saying this has been discussed with the boys, n the boys agree with this. Saying that things could be hard to continue with Jay.
But on the other hand, heard some rumour, that actually, the boyz n even the manager doesnt know about this.
They even said that Wooyoung cried after win2 recording. Assumed that he just heard about the news..
And i have read that someone had talk to the manager just a moment after the notice comes out. But the manager had became confused, n not knowing bout this..

This all just a conspiracy made by JYP. Such a genious for things like this.. TnT

Dear JYP, cant u just stop all this, n bring Jay back to us? Please..?

Without Jay, 2PM is gone, dead, rip... There wont be any 2PM again.. Hottest also plan to boycott 2PM.. And im curious bout the press conference tomorrow.. Will update this tomorrow after the result comes out..

Source : 2oneday

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

[MP3 Download/Lyric] Im Jae Bum - Stigma (임재범 - 낙인)

I Reallyy... Loovvee... This song...
But it seems like no one pay attention to this and more focused at idol.. T___T
They use this song as Chuno OST, that i read hit the no 1 rating for each of its broadcast..
Really great huh?? XDDD
Anyway, heres the download link :

Sunday, February 21, 2010

[MP3 Download] 2PM - Follow Your Soul (Oppo Mobile CM)

2PM New Single for Oppo Mobile CM
~If im not wrong~
Anyway, enjoy...
(like Open Happiness more than this, but still, enjoyable... ^u^)

download it :

Thursday, February 18, 2010

[MP3 Download] Big Bang - Lollipop 2

Big Bang nu single for LG Lollipop...
Lollipop part 2..
Ain't cute like b4, but still...
im Big Bang addicted... XDDD

Download it :

Monday, February 15, 2010

[MP3 Download] 2PM - Again and Again (Slow Remix) @ Sketchbook 100213

Find this one interesting..
and at the time i think they erase Jay voice, i find his voice in this performance..
Oh, how i wish him to come back soon...

download it :

Enjoy ~~

[MP3 Download] DBSK - With All My Heart

Their back.... I dunno...
Eventhough this time they do ballad.. i still craving for their korean songs rather their japanese songs...
Why dont you just leave Japan?
And do your stuff in Korea?
Cassies really miss you much............

anyway, download it :

Enjoy it~~

[MP3 Download/VID] 2PM - Open Happiness for Coca Cola

Kyaa~~~ This song... this song.. i knew this song...
It's Ello - Buka Semangat Baru.. But in Korean!!!!
Love this song!!!!! Bias-ing~~ Bias-ing~~
Anyway, enough with undetermined shout...
download it here :

video :

Enjoy their cuteness~~ ^o^

Sunday, February 14, 2010

[MP3 Download/Video] Xiah Junsu - I Cannot Escape My Fate (fr. Mozart)

Just searching, and found this... like this..
Hope will see him again in Korea.. Soon!!
Getting tired of waiting... T___T
Get enough of Japanesse Tohoshinki.. I want my DBSK back!!

Download :

no 4shared this time... T^T

Saturday, February 6, 2010

[MP3 Download/Video] Jo Kwon - Slow Motion

This song is just perfect for Kwonnie's voice..
Love it.....<3<3
Btw, i'll give the mp3 download link first, will update with the vid if i already upload them.  done!! ^^
download it here :

Friday, February 5, 2010

[MP3 Download/Video/Lyric] 2PM - Crazy4S - Sprist CM Song

Yay!!! Their New Song are out!!!
*but truthfully, kinda dont too into this song... kinda wait Coke song more*
But, anyway, they look gorgeous in this CF... XDD