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Friday, November 6, 2009

2PM As 7 Member Band Album Cover Teaser

After a 6 membered teaser cut was revealed, a new teaser cut of 7 members made by fans have been attracting much attention.

Having revealed ‘Tired of Waiting’ on the 2nd, ‘I was crazy for you’ was revealed on the 5th. The highly masculine images of the 6 members have made the hearts of the fans flutter in anticipation. Amongst the fans, a 7 membered teaser cut has been circulating, causing much grief over the loss of Jaebum.

JYPE has stated “The new song included in 2PM’s first official album allows you to feel the higher level of maturity of the members. We will continue to promote through different teasers on the 2PM site so please continue to watch and support.”

2PM’s ‘I was crazy for you’ will be opened to the public on the 6th through melon, Dosirak, and Cyworld.

Source: MHJ21

Translations: hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY

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