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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

[MP3 Download/Lyric] Rain - Back To The Basic Album

Actually, i want to share this yesterday...
But mediafire n smart playin' with me...
So, i just share this today
@ 4shared, not mediafire..
coz mediafire still hate me today... XDD

Tracklist/Lyric :
2. Hip song

mp3 download :

credit if taken, n i havent got the time to post n translate all of the lyric, so i start with the easy one..
i know track no.1 n no.5 have different yet similar translation..
but track no. 1 are my rendition, and no.5 are Rain's rendition of the song..
But i think his rendition are a bit.. weird.. the usage of the word...
the spelling, the pronounciation...
But he already tried his best.. So hurray n congrats 4 Rain.. ^^
Okay, enough bubbling, and enjoy... ^^

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