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Monday, August 3, 2009

[REVIEW] Kung Fu Chef

This time, its just a review, since i cant find the synopsis of it in Wikipedia...

Cast :
Samo Hung as Wong Pei Yu
Vaness Wu as Kenichi
* thats all i know*

Review :
This story was starte when WPY accused to be intended to poisoned a feast as he is the chef... And started from there,he banded by the villagers and started his journey..
In his journey, he met Kenichi and etc...

My review, Vaness absolutely handsome in here... And he wear tanktop(?) often...
So... *drool*...
But the story line isn't that good..
at some part, i think the funny part a little bit too... forced to happen(?)
And @ the end, it seems like the ending was too soon, so it doesn't seem to be realistic at all..
And kung fu? where is the kungfu?? The battle part was just seem to be *as long as you hit the enemy* thing, not kung fu.

So, for me : 2 stars / 5 stars

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