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Friday, July 31, 2009

[REVIEW] Ink Heart

Cast :
Brendan Fraser as Mortimer Folchart
Eliza Bennett as Meggie Folchart
Paul Bettany as Dustfinger
Andy Serkis as Capricorn
Jim Broadbent as Fenoglio
Helen Mirren as Elinor Loredan
Rafi Gavron as Farid
Sienna Guillory as Teresa "Resa" Folchart
Lesley Sharp as Mortola
Jamie Foreman as Basta

Synopsis :
The story begins with Mortimer "Mo" Folchart (Brendan Fraser) and his wife Resa (Sienna Guillory) reading a bedtime story Little Red Riding Hood to their infant daughter Meggie. As Mo reads the story, a red velvet hood appears, unbeknownst to the family as a narrator explains that people known as "Silver Tongues" are born with the gift that whenever they read a story aloud, their elements come into reality, and that some are completely unaware of their gifts.

Flash forward 12 years into the future, Mo and Meggie (Eliza Bennett) are trolling the European countrysides in hopes of finding a book that Mo has been looking for for years. He has come to learn of his gifts, and 9 years prior, Resa had vanished, much to the chagrin of her extended family. Hearing the calling of books from a bookstore one day, Mo, a reputed book repairer, leaves Meggie outside and ventures inside after being offered to browse the shelves. He finds the book "Inkheart" in the stock and is overwhelmed with a mixture of fear and joy.

Review :
It's full of Fantasy... Yet Overwhelming with action and romance drama...
Beautiful, yet fill with passion...
I dont know how to say it..
Feel so sorry for dustfinger, who miss his family so much, yet know the end of his story, which is he gone...
But feel happy for him too, since at last he can reunited with his family...
I dont know... I just feel like it's so touching...

So, For me : 5 stars / 5 stars

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